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My Presentation

Summary of Project

Want to know how to make normal presentations, well… Better? We were instructed to plan out or presentation and make it as SIMPLE as possible with only a few words and as many images as we wanted. The presentation shown below, explains who I am as a person and my close family in my own humorous way.

What is Good Presentation?

  1. Be Surprising- Bring up the unexpected into your presentation in order to grab your audience’s attention.
  2. If your audience can read it, why are you talking in the first place? Let them do the work of interpreting your idea.
  3.  Make your presentation entertaining- You don’t want your audience bored out of their mind.
  4. Replace words with Photos, as many as you want. They will remember the information better.

Brain-Writing and Brainstorming Ideas

Brainwriting and Brainstorming is the best way to keep new ideas organized. Let me tell you the most important thing to keep in mind: GET OFF YOUR ELECTRONICS! ‘Vomit’ out your ideas on paper rather than typing it up on your laptop or phone because it’ll make the creative process a lot easier.

Creating the Storyboard

 Storyboarding is great way to establish your project in the correct order you want it to be. Take the information from your brainstorm and begin to stretch it out into the order you want it. This was very helpful for me since most of the things I wrote down was a whole bunch of mumbo jumbo.

Gathering and Citing Images

Any photo you find on the internet is someone else’s work, it’s illegal to claim it as your own. At the end of your project, always cite where you got the photo  and who published it so you’re giving full credit to the creator.


Creating the Master Slide

The Master Slide controls the format of all your slides. This is an easy/fast way to change each slide in your presentation to the format you want instead of editing all of the one by one.

Building the Slide Show

When building your slideshow, you want it SIMPLE and straight to the point. If all you’re going to say is on the slide, then why are you up there speaking in the first place? Each slide should have at least 1-3 words max and within  your presentation you want to add photos that will grab your audience’s attention.

Sharing the Voice Thread

My slideshow is small, but captures the main parts of who I am. I was going to illustrate almost the whole thing with my own drawings, my computer decided to freak out on me and delete my files last minute, I improvised and found photos that I needed in order to complete it.
When recording your voice over your slide show, download your work in a power point file, upload it to VoiceThread and add commentary(comment). This will help your presentation stand out more.

Preparing to Present/Pitch

From a year of Speech and Debate, I noticed that winning over your audience comes from your tone of presenting. Don’t stand up there with a monotone voice, speak up and add character to make your presentation more bright. While preparing you should go through your presentation in front of a small audience (like your dog or parents) before you present in front of your real audience.

What I Learned

I learned a lot of things while creating my slideshow. After years of projects and presentations, I’ve apparently been citing wrong and have been boring my audience since the only way I have learned is standing up there and stating facts. This whole process helped me think outside the box and work around difficult situations on problems that I’ve encountered. I give thanks to Leduc for teaching me an open/fun way of presenting.

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