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Chocolate FILM Pre-Production [Cinematographer]


For this production, fellow classmates including myself are working on a moderate, comedic scene. Even though we all have very different roles, we discover similarities to help each other out to accomplish a well done short film.

Test Shots

Practice shots on certain angles that we needed to clarify on from the storyboard and discussed instinctively so we know ahead of time before production and proceed with changes if needed.

Lighting Tests

I took photos of different/possible lighting choices and placed them in proper folders and labeled what lights I used in each one. I discussed with the Director which one seemed to be the best option for the film as we chose 2 warm lights and 1 white light at 50% it’s power. No theater lights on.

Equipment Checklist

Collaboration with Director

With the director, I verified and went over different visions I had of certain angles for scenes that were most important. While we searched for our filming area, we came to equal terms on the theater and threw out suggestions what we wanted in shot and what we wanted to get rid of. Natalie is cooperative and agreed with things I’ve mentioned, such as orientation of camera and lights.

With the story board I asked for input before writing down what I thought would go well with the whole film, more so support.

Set-up Sequence Workflow

I took a picture of our workspace so I could add X’s and arrows along with simple notes, this helps be a little more organized with everything and I won’t mess up different shots when we progress into production. The director gave a great idea to put tape on the floor to mark easily where things- including myself, need to be throughout.

 Map of Each Location

Our choice of location is the school theater, it’s silent so we don’t have an abundant amount of random background audio plus plenty of room for lights and camera just in case we need to spread out or close in. When we arrived there was a bench placed in the middle of the stage, therefore we decided to use that prop as our ‘couch’ for the film. The curtains are black around the cast so continuity is maintained plus the film won’t look super awkward.

Storyboard Notation

Adding new notes from changes we’ve agreed on making through out our film. Using a different color to identify those changes easily.

What I Learned

I learned that everyone on my team have different views on what they want to film to be like exactly, in order to keep everyone happy we did merge ideas around certain scenes to have the final product come out pleasant. I also learned that there are a lot of different aspects that need to be touched when working on a film as a cinematographer. You need to plan everything and make sure (twice!) that you have everything that’ll support the film all together.

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